Category: History of paper

3. Inscriptions done in bones and shells of turtle. China (3200 years)

These inscriptions are known by the name of bones oraculares. There are shells of turtle and bones of animals (mostly shoulder blades), in which inscriptions have been in the archaic Chinese writing. Most of the bones oraculares is dated on the last two hundred thirty years of the dynasty Shang, it does approximately three thousand […]

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2. Scripts on papyrus in ancient Egypt (5000 years ago)

Papyrus is a material prepared from thin strips of the pith of this plant laid together, soaked, pressed, and dried, used by the ancient Egyptians. This material was very common in the river Nile, in Egypt, and in some places in the Mediterranean basin (Cyperus Papyrus). How it was made: First, leave the stalk to […]

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I. Background. Discovery of writing in Mesopotamia (5280 years ago)

The history of paper is closely related to the development of writing, since the need of giving expression to this ability and spreading knowledge throughout humankind, along with its perpetuation in time provokes a search for tough, durable materials. These ones need to be light –to be easily transported- and reduced in size –to be […]

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