2. Scripts on papyrus in ancient Egypt (5000 years ago)

2. Scripts on papyrus in ancient Egypt (5000 years ago)

Papyrus is a material prepared from thin strips of the pith of this plant laid together, soaked, pressed, and dried, used by the ancient Egyptians. This material was very common in the river Nile, in Egypt, and in some places in the Mediterranean basin (Cyperus Papyrus).

How it was made:

  • First, leave the stalk to soak between one and two weeks.

  • Then, cut it in long, thin stripes (phyliae)

  • After that, press it with a rolling pin to get rid of the sap and other liquids.

  • Later, put the sheets horizontally and vertically and press again to make the sap work as glue.

  • Finally, rub the surface softly with a shell or a piece of ivory for several days. It will be ready to be used.







Papyrus.- British Museum


The main problem when using papyrus was its cost, especially in comparison to papermaking. With the latter one, we have got over the problems related to weight and storage, but its cost is still too expensive. The drying process can also be a problem. If you do not do it long enough, the tact disappears.


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